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Why chinolite

Chinolite Technology (A perfect integration of Optic, Material and Thermal Technology)

Research & Development
It is our philosophy to endeavour in designing and producing the most cost-effective product and solution without compromising on quality with best technologies available.
Chinolite acquired the technologies and skills as used in the semiconductor heat management industry and applies them on the LED applications. The development of the customised 3D CAD and simulation software by NTK allows Chinolite to fulfil not only the design needs but to render a more precise result visually for better error spotting and improvement proposes for the stakeholders or clients. Researches on using advanced materials for production is further enhancing the efficacy and reliability of the final product.

Thermal Management Technology
Heat dissipation, a key component in the entire process is given much emphasis. Our R&D teams work with the key-laboratories of enhance heat transfer and energy conservation, through collaboration outside research institutes and universities, such as MAE, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and South China University of technology, which are our key partners. We could successfully fulfill customers' design specifications, in order to obtain better materials and technologies.
Before building thermal module solution prototype, we could verify its feasibility by using different kinds of design tools including CAD and thermal simulation software
We constantly explore and make breakthroughs in lighting area, to pursue more efficient and higher light efficiency lamps. Through the combination of LENS and Reflector design cooperating with Hong Kong Productivity Council—Optics and Opto-Mechantronics Technology Centre, we developed and applied the optimum optical solution for our LED Lamps.
To improve the thermal efficiency, we take all parts of materials in consideration for the design of our thermal module. It turns out to be 150% higher than that of market products in cooling performance.
We designed with Aluminum 6000 series as the materials for our patent thermal module. Different from the regular products on the market which are usually designed by Die-casting Aluminum ADC 12. The heat transfer coefficient of Aluminum 6000 series is about 210-240 W/m.K, and the heat transfer coefficient of Die-casting Aluminum ADC 12 is 96.2 W/m.K.
Some of our model is designed with Chinolite HP technology to enhance the thermal performance. The heat transfer coefficient of CHINOLITE HP is over 3000 W/m.K, to archive the rigid criteria for the LED Lamp.

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